"I have made it my Mission"

I got asked the question one day - What is the favourite part of your business? My answer was "The Styling and Coaching people to develop their Confidence" Not just the Fashion side but the Confidence they gain on the inside from learning and developing their knowledge. I started thinking how I could reach more people and this brought me here to My Mission to share the steps and programs that I have developed that can help in every area of life.

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What we teach...

  • Personal Development

  • Confidence and Styling

  • Growth Mindset

What people are saying

"Rachelle is a calming level headed mentor and influence"

“Rachelle is a calming level headed mentor and influence, she has a real gift at building rapport and strengthening confidence through observation and asking the right questions.”

Adelle Santy

“Rachelle is very confident and capable on what she does by installing confidence in woman, the content in her courses are amazing.”

Sonia (NZ)

“Wow I am blown away I am 47 years old and for the first time I feel like I know how to dress my shape! Thank you so much. ”

Rachael Holder

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